The fair haired boy/The controversial

I finally found the time to record some tunes and am going to share one after the other roughly every week. I’ll put some info on where I got them from. The following two reels have been longtime favorites of mine.

The fair haired boy is tune I first heard played on a recording of a Lisdoonvarna session someone had filmed with a cell phone and posted on facebook. I can’t find it anymore but luckily, I played it back out loud and recorded it with my cell phone on the train immediately while I was commuting to work. Poor folks sitting next to me… It was only after that incident that I heard it played in the Amsterdam Session as well.

The controversial was written be Billy McComiskey. It seems less popular on this side of the pond, which I think is a pity so I keep advertising it. IMHO The best version is actually not played by the man himself, but by John McCann.