Reels: Miss McGuiness/McGoldrick’s

This week it’s reels again. Miss McGuiness is a tune I have played for a long time after I heard Frankie Gavin play it with De Dannan. I never considered it to be a particularly nice box tune until I heard Daithi Gormley play it on some Youtube video I can’t find anymore. What makes it really fun for me now is that the second part starts with the dominant chord, so in this case D and not G. This gives a nice little lift to it as it comes as a surprise to the listener. It also serves as a mean little test for the person playing backing will they be able to pick that up or just keep playing against that chord change?

The second tune, McGoldrick’s has been a firm favourite since I heard it played as the finale of a four-reels set on the first Beginish CD. What a nice set of reels that is. It’s dangerously close to the Humours of Tulla though and it took me long to keep this two apart. It still happens that I slip into McGoldrick’s when I want to play Humours of Tulla in a set but it get’s less.