Accordion Tuning

I have been tuning accordions for many years and have tuned wet and dry tunings alike. I also have a somewhat nerdy interest in different tremolo settings used for accordions in the present and the past but that’s a story told another time unless you want a unique tremolo setting for your instrument of course…

Here are some typical example prices for tunings:

  • 2-row/2-voice Button Accordion – just tuning (keeping tremolo as-is): 150,- EUR
  • 2-row/2-voice Button Accordion – new tremolo (more or less): 180,- EUR
  • For other more specialized tunings the prices can be lower (just a couple of reeds need retuning) or higher ( e.g. if the box has much more voices )

Here’s an example of a dry tuned (6ct on A) box B/C box

Played in an Amsterdam Session by Dominic Crosby (Guitar) and Me (restore Hohner B/C with new reeds and flat/modern tuning)

and here is an example of a wet tuned (12ct on A) box

Old Weltmeister box in C/F (old reeds, just tuned and serviced. Different style of box, different style of playing…)

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