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Box lessons

I offer private lessons for irish button accordion for the complete beginner up to what i can do on the box. In addition, I always have some student instruments available for sale or loan. If you are interested just send me an e-mail to carstensen.music@gmail.com.

Here’s the tabulature for the chromatic and the most common scales on a B/C box (10/11 and 11/12 buttons):

scales (10/11)
scales (11/12)

30Below are the tabs used in the workshops. The complete tabs and recordings can be found here.

Course materials Irish Folk Workshop Bonn (2013)

As a first tune we’ll learn a classic. It’s called The Green Fields Of America. The first one is plain sheet music, the other download is with button box tablature for a button accordion with ten buttons on the inner and 11 buttons on the outer row or 11 and 12 buttons accordingly. The recording should give you an idea what it sounds like, although made in a hurry without  high quality equipment. Have fun with it…

The Green Fields Of America
The Green Fields Of America (10/11)
TheGreenFieldsOfAmerica (11/12)

Play Reel: The Green Fields of America


This is the hornpipe we played for at the final show of the weekend:

BuckFromTheMountain (10/11)
BuckFromTheMountain (11/12)

and a nice little jig:

JigGanAimTab (10/11)
JigGanAimTab (11/12)

Play Jig: Gan Aim


if you know the name of this one let me know. I forgot where i learned it…

Another great reel comes from the band North Cregg and can be heard on their “Summer At My Feet” CD:

ThePitchfork (10/11)
ThePitchfork (11/12)

Play Reel: The Pitchfork

This reel I learned from banjo player Jan Faltings. It’s called “Come West Along The Road” and is great fun on the box.

ComeWestTab (10/11)
ComeWestTab (11/12)

And finally: The Congress. Needless to say, this is a real classic!

TheCongressTab (10/11)
TheCongressTab (11/12)

This was the tune collection planned for the workshop weekend. I will add the recordings of the tunes as soon as possible.

If you encounter any problems, e.g. with the PDF files or you think there’s s.th. wrong with the tablature: just write me a mail: carstensen.music@gmail.com and i will take care it.

Enjoy the tunes!