About me

Dr. rer. nat. Niss Ole Carstensen

I was born and raised on the isle of Föhr in the north of germany.
With my Dad playing the fiddle and my mom playing the piano, I grew up in a musical household.
As a child I started with classical piano lessons and didn’t like it a single bit, so my parents were
quite surprised when I taught myself how to play an old button box we found on grandma’s attic.
I moved on to a Hohner black dot soon after and finally settled on a Castagnari Ciacy almost 20 years ago.
Having always had an interest in understanding how stuff works, I started taking apart accordions and ended up tuning and repairing accordions.
I have been part of several bands, and have given private lessons as well as workshops.
When I am not playing music or repairing accordions, I enjoy fishing and various sorts of crafting.

I graduated with a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Kiel in 2014 and am currently working as a support scientist in an Amsterdam based computational chemistry software company.
e-mail: carstensen.music@gmail.com

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