Accordion Tuning

Get your accordion tuned exactly like you want it: from modern dry to wet musette or Dedic/Viennese. Any button accordion tuning is possible!

I have been tuning button accordions for many years and have tuned wet and dry tunings alike. I also have a somewhat nerdy interest in different tremolo settings used for accordions in the present and the past and I’m happy to discuss your tuning needs with you.

The tuning of a melody side

Here are some typical example prices for tunings:

  • 2-row / 2-voice Button Accordion – just tuning ( keeping tremolo as-is ): 150 EUR
  • 2-row / 2-voice Button Accordion – new tremolo ( more or less ): 180 EUR
  • For other more specialized tunings the prices can be lower (just a couple of reeds need re-tuning) or higher ( e.g. if the accordion has much more voices )

Listen to sounds samples of different tunings I have done in the past.

Dry tuned ( 6ct on A ) – A hohner box in B/C

Played in an Amsterdam Session by Dominic Crosby (Guitar) and Me (restored Hohner B/C with new reeds and flat/modern tuning)

Less dry tuned ( 8ct on A ) – A Hohner Erika in B/C

Restored Erika with new reeds in B/C

Less wet tuned ( 10ct on A ) – A Hohner Pokerwork in A/D

Hohner Pokerwork in A/D

Wet tuned ( 12ct on A ) – A Weltmeister C/F

Old Weltmeister box in C/F (old reeds, just tuned and serviced. Different style of box, different style of playing…)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding button accordion tuning services, no job is too small or too big. I don’t mind challenges and will take on urgent requests immediately.